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I make books.
I’ve been making them since I was four.
The earliest book I remember was one all about our house where I lived with my mum and dad and my little sister, Debra.
7, Avondale Road Bromley Kent...we didn’t bother too much with postcodes in those days but I can remember all our telephone numbers as far back as then too.

I made a page for every room in the house and listed the contents of each room along with a drawing.
I wish I still had it.

I remember wishing for a typewriter and the giddy excitement of getting one, along with a whole packet of pure new paper and embarking on an Enid Blyton style novel which involved head girls and boarding school.

After a few years of getting older but not much wiser and travelling around the country in various buses, trucks living in tipis and other interesting creative tents(never been to glastonbury in my life) I gave life to the two most gorgeous creatures that ever walked this planet (Meghan and Siobhan).
Then after a lot more living and creating realising that my creativity was my calling I did an Art Foundation course and eventually I went to the London College of Printing and got my degree in Print media (book arts) a first class BA.
(one of my more successful plans for when the circus wouldn’t have me as a trainee trapeze artist).

Nowadays, I am a freelance artist and designer,based in the UK.
I love teaching & working in education.
I make books and travel a lot.
I love to do both and on my trips to India, I explore all the local print and stationary shops for interesting additions to enhance my collections.

I do a lot of yoga (astanga) and ask Ganesh (God of beginnings and remover of obstacles) to help me out a lot.
It’s nice having an elephant as a friend. I love reading and drawing and I really like the smell of books, old and new.

I have a need to write and I have an unhealthy interest in self-help books and I like walking swimming and eating.
Watching films and animation are inspiring to me,
lighting my fire and cooking.

I also love pottering around my house and garden and
thinking I might just be the luckiest girl around.

Some exhibitions I’ve had work in

Identity Books and Multiples The Netherlands 2008
1st Glasgow Artist’s Book Fair 2008
11th Contemporary Artist’s Book Fair Leeds 2008
10th Contemporary Artist’s Book Fair Leeds 2007
Language & Communication,Grays 2007 (film making workshops)
Our Day Out Tilbury Manor Infants School, Tilbury 2006 (graphic design)
Manchester Artist’s Book Fair 2006
Commotion in the Ocean St Mary’s School, Tilbury 2005 (book project)
Seoul International Book Arts Fair Seoul, South Korea 2005
A Natural History, Grays 2005 (graphic design)
Bookmarks I, II, III Touring Exhibition (over 20 venues) 2005-07
Arcadia id est Worldwide Touring Exhibition 2005-07
Solo Show @ Southend Library 2004
The Reading Room, Sherbourne House 2004
London Artist’s Book Fair- I.C.A 2003-2004
Halifax Contemporary Artist’s Book Fair 2003-07
The Eckersly Gallery London 2002
London Artists Book Fair 2002
RK Burt Gallery Group Show 2002
London Artists Book Fair Barbican Curve Gallery 2000
Interprint 2000 Maastricht, Holland

Collections and Libraries

Several pieces of my work have been purchased by the Tate Gallery,
The Bower Ashton Library and the University of Southampton for their Artist’s Books collections.


Print Media/Book Arts B.A London College of Printing 1999-2002 (First Class Honours)
Advanced Screen Printing London College of Printing 2000-2001
Introduction to Screen Printing London College of Printing 1999-2000
Interprint 2000 Maastricht Academy Holland
Foundation Art and Design B.T.E.C South East Essex College 1998-1999 (Distinction)
‘Working Safely’ Certificate 1998
Access to Art and Design South East Essex College 1997-1998 (Merit)
A Level English Literature 1990-1991 (B)


All aspects of book design, layout, bookbinding and finishing
Fine hand skills requiring precision
Paper folding,cutting, mache and sculpture.
Creative brainstorming and ideas hub.
Visual Presentation. Sewing and Textiles.
Printmaking (etching, collograph, relief, aquatint,
screenprint and linocut)
Over 10 years experience using Apple Macs Apps, Photoshop, InDesign, QuarkXpress, Final Cut Pro and many other applications.
Photography (digital and traditional) Some dark room experience
Filmmaking and Editing
Working with students of all ages. Inspirationally and practically.

Recent Projects

Bespoke book & creative binding workshops in schools 2008

Freelance designer working in education. 2004-2007
I helped run workshops and created bespoke exhibition spaces within schools
using time frames and budgets with The Link Gallery.
The projects were documented at every step and included photography,film and graphic design projects.

Book Works Studio Assistant 2002-2004
Fine hand binding and all aspects of book design and production in limited editions.

Freelance book designer for Franklin Watts 2002-2004

Freelance designer and creative advisor to emerging companies. from 2006

Some recent commissions were for Commissions East (Arts Council) to illustrate a CD Rom
and to design an artist’s page in the 2007/8 Artist’s Books Yearbook.

I have published over twenty-five limited editions of artist’s books over the past six years.
These were all designed, created and handbound by me working under the press name ‘louloulovesbooks’.

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That was me aged about 8, after swimming on a Saturday morning at Ladywell swimming baths somewhere
south of London.

I’ve got my towel tucked under my arm and my dad and I are on our way to Foyles bookshop which was our Saturday morning treat. My dad told me it was the biggest bookshop in the world and I loved it, the fresh piles of new books and being allowed to choose one.

Dad bought me Rudyard Kipling when I wanted Enid Blyton and I still have the books he bought me.

This is where my love of books and all things
bibliophile began.
Escapism among the towering stacks of freshly laid print.